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Concentration & Memory

Concentration & Memory

One of the most pronounced and feared symptoms of aging is the decrease in cognitive function: increasing forgetfulness, slowed thinking, impaired learning, etc. In some, these are the symptoms of dementia, which can develop from a wide variety of physiological changes in the brain. The approach to preventing and reversing cognitive decline in those without dementia requires a multifaceted approach. Correcting hormone imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, and using mental exercises to train your brain are all key components to keeping a sound mind in a healthy body.

Digestive Problems

Digestive Problems

Your digestive system plays a key role in your overall health. Not only is it the site of nutritional absorption, but the bacteria in your gut are responsible for synthesis of certain essential vitamins and protection from many infectious diseases. Unfortunately, many people suffer from repeated gastrointestinal insults and chronic inflammation related to overuse of antibiotics, poor dietary choices, and undiagnosed food sensitivities. Identifying and addressing these issues can help improve your digestive and overall health.

Skin Issues Treatment

Skin Issues

The skin is our largest organ, and is the focus of an entire field of medicine and a multi-billion dollar skin care industry. Skin changes with age are due to multitude of causes, including age-related hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies. In women in particular, decreasing levels of estrogen associated with menopause can cause the skin to become drier, less elastic, more prone to wrinkles, and more fragile. Hormone replacement therapy and nutritional supplementation are no replacement for sunscreen and adequate moisturizing, but can help prevent and even reverse some of the age-related changes in your skin.

Weight Management


Loss of lean muscle and increasing body fat percentage are common in aging men and women. Of course diet and exercise play a huge role in combatting these issues, underlying hormone imbalances can offset all of your hard work and limit your potential. Suboptimal levels of thyroid hormone, testosterone and human growth hormone are often to blame. Balancing the levels of these hormones can help improve your stamina at the gym, increase your body’s response to diet and exercise regimens, and help you find your ideal body.

Mood swings

Mood Swings

It is common knowledge that many (but not all!) women going through any change in their hormone balances (as in the premenstrual period, pregnancy, and menopause) are predisposed to rapid and sometimes distressing changes in mood. Less well-known is the fact that many men experiencing age- related hormone decline in andropause may go through similar changes in mood. Hormone replacement therapy can help you properly regulate your mood and rediscover your youthful self.

sleep & energy treatment

Sleep & Energy

The 21st century lifestyle has wreaked havoc on the quality of our sleep. Long work hours, use of electronic devices right before sleep, and inappropriate consumption of late-night calories, caffeine, alcohol, and “sleeping pills” are very harmful to our sleep. These sleep disturbances, in combination with deficiencies in thyroid hormone, human growth hormone, and the sex hormones can result in decreased energy, impaired productivity, and poor overall functioning. Correction of hormone imbalances along with behavioral counseling and the use of natural supplements can help improve the quality of your sleep and bring back the energy of your youth.

Libido & Ed Treatment

Libido & Ed

Low sex drive and decreased sexual performance are common complaints in both men and women. In men, decreased desire, erectile dysfunction, and even impotence may result from decreased levels of testosterone associated with andropause. In women, decreased desire, vaginal dryness, and even pain with sex may be due to changes in both estrogen and progesterone levels associated with menopause. By correcting these imbalances, you can bring the spice back into your sex life.

Hair thinning and loss Treatment


Hair thinning and loss with age is a very common in both men and women, and is often a direct result of both genetic predisposition and hormone imbalances. The medical term for this condition is “androgenetic alopecia”: “andro” refers to the likely role of masculinizing sex hormones in the process and “genetic” denotes the often-hereditary nature of male- and female-pattern baldness. The specific hormones involved differ between men and women, as is the approach to treatment.

Joint & Bones

Join & Bones

One of the most dreaded aspects of aging is the wear and tear on bones and joints. In both men and women, bone/joint pain is often a result of a combination of causes: nutritional deficiencies, excess stress on joints due to excess body weight and/or repetitive motion (e.g “Tennis elbow,” shin splints in runners), etc. Nutritional supplementation and exercise counseling can play a huge role in prevention and reversal of these symptoms. In women, specifically, the decrease in Estrogen during menopause results in decreased bone mineral density which can increase the risk of fracture; this risk can be effectively reduced through hormone replacement therapy.

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