Romina Nicola - Anti-Aging Specialist certified in Nutrition Science

Romina Nicola

Anti-Aging Specialist certified in Nutrition Science

My philosophy is born as the result of the personal ambition of someone who, after many years of experience in the field of healthcare, discovered that the key to activating the potential of each person and building their resilience and well-being for life is based on the context of healthy lifestyles. The combination of proper eating patterns, regular physical activity, practices based on mindfulness, and natural therapies as a complement to the latest advances in Western medicine, represent the pillars that will break down these barriers towards achieving the best version of yourself.

Without a doubt, the basic structure of our body is built from the food we eat, which is why these choices can directly affect our physical and mental health. Eating healthy does not consist of caloric restrictions or labeled diets; it is about learning to eat properly and doing so to optimize the nutritional value of each meal to provide your body with the nutrients it requires to meet its physiological needs.

Under the premise that nutrition and medicine share scientific methodology, my education has covered a great academic and clinical career of  20 years of experience, with studies that accredit me as a Medical Doctor and Specialist in Pediatrics and Child Care (University of Carabobo/Venezuela), board-certified Health Practitioner by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M/USA), certified in nutrition science (USA/Stanford University), and in multiple physical training disciplines (Saudi Arabia). My passion for health, nutrition, and the physical-mental well-being of people has allowed me not only to create a more complete vision of the health-disease transition process but also to recognize the great impact that diet, physical activity, sleep, stress, and mental health has on our quality of life.

My nutritional advice is based on Bio Individuality since, in addition to having a different genetic composition, we are all under the influence of heterogeneous biological, environmental and personal factors. In this context, my practice is based on educating and offering the necessary tools to achieve long-term nutritional and lifestyle changes. To achieve these goals, a complete evaluation by our MD is included, where we consider your background, life habits, objectives, clinical findings, and the use of cutting-edge diagnostic tools that will allow us to reactivate your metabolism and enhance your vitality and overall health status.

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