Remote Services

Remote Services

If you have a health concern and need to talk to a doctor, it’s important to schedule an appointment. If health issues are left untreated, they may get worse and require more in-depth treatment. For this reason, you should contact our doctor as soon as you notice a problem.

If you can’t get to the doctor’s office for an appointment, Youplushealth also offers remote services. You can have a health consultation with one of our doctors from the comfort of your home.

The best part is that remote services are tailored to your specific needs. You can receive a custom consultation and treatment to improve your health.

Prior to a remote consultation, it can help to know what to expect.

What is Your Reason for Needing a Remote Consultation?

If you’re interested in remote health services, you probably have a specific need or reason. Determine what the problem is and how you wish to improve it.

Consult with a Doctor

Our doctors offer complementary phone call consultations. On the call, you can talk about your health concerns. Our doctor will ask questions to best treat the issue.

Following the consultation, you will complete a medical history form. You will either need a physical exam, or you can use one from the past 6 months.

A nurse will then come to your home. This is a safe procedure, as our nurses wear protective gear and follow our specific coronavirus guidelines. You will get a blood test and additional necessary testing.

Receive a Plan

Based on the information you provide; you will get a plan that’s designed to treat the issue you’re experiencing.

Then, the treatment is delivered to you at your home. You will receive information about how to use it to ensure the treatment process goes smoothly.

IV Therapy

In addition to regular treatment options, you may opt for IV therapy. A registered nurse can come to your house to give you any IV therapy that you might need.

For more information about remote services near you or to schedule a consultation, contact our doctors in Beverly Hills.

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