General Peptides

General Peptides in Beverly Hills, CA

Peptides are proteins, or to be more accurate; proteins are made of peptides. Peptides are made of amino acids. Peptides are essential to our survival. They’re well known for their role in proteins and how proteins make up muscles, but they have other values too.

At You + Health in Beverly Hills, California, we have extensive knowledge of general peptides and how they can be used to benefit the body. Peptides are important in cell signaling and can act as hormones that exert various effects on different parts of the body.


Epitalon is an analog of another peptide our bodies naturally produce. It’s integral in regulating the connection between the hypothalamus and the anterior pituitary. Both of these structures are present in the brain and regulate our hormone levels, particularly melatonin and sex hormones.

Epitalon supplements can help you cope with stress thanks to its anti-oxidant and hormone-regulating properties. It also helps control cholesterol and uric acid levels in the blood and strengthens the immune system by modulating T-cells. Older patients who have lower melatonin levels that make sleeping more difficult can also benefit from Epitalon.

PEG-MGF and Cerebrolysin

MGF acts by activating muscle cell regeneration. Its levels will be elevated in people with muscle damage or after exertion. It’s an important element in the regeneration and growth of muscles. PEG-MGF is used instead of simple MGF. Without PEGylation, MGF has a very short half-life and will only last a few seconds to minutes in the body. PEG-MGF, however, lasts much longer.

Cerebrolysin is another useful peptide but one that affects brain tissue rather than muscles. It’s neuroprotective and stimulates cognitive functioning. At You + Health, we have plenty of experience with cerebrolysin and how it can sharpen the brain. It has shown promise in several neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis thanks to its anti-oxidant and free-radical fighting properties.

There are other general peptides available. Each has its specific benefits. Get in touch with us about general peptides in Beverly Hills to find out more about how they can benefit you.

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