Dr. Joy Kong, MD - Medical Director

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Medical Director

I am a triple board-certified physican (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine). I embrace practicing medicine in a holistic, comprehensive and personalized manner, and focus on treating the fundamental causes that impact our health, not just symptoms of illnesses.

I am very passionate about regenerative medicine, and believe it is the medicine of the future. I have lectured internationally on stem cell treatment, exchanged ideas with top stem cell scientists from around the globe, and worked closely with various cell laboratories in the U.S..

I founded Chara Biologics with the goal of providing the best regenerative medicine products in the country, inspired by the remarkable results I saw in my own patients. However, It was to my great disappointment when I observed a frequent lack of integrity in many companies in the regenerative medicine space, which gave me the impetus to start Chara Biologics. I vowed to make Chara a force of integrity in the industry, where doctors and patients can place their trust. Chara is keen on the adoption of innovation and the delivery of the most effective therapeutic agents to doctors throughout the US and internationally.

I also founded American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy, to provide physician education and training, so that regenerative medicine can be practiced safely and effectively, with sound knowledge of the science behind it. I look forward to working with all the forward-thinking practitioners in the healthcare field.

I have also written a memoir Tiger of Beijing, detailing a 3-year journey of how I managed to come to the United States against all obstacles at age 20, and how I survived the first two years in the US in the face of an obstacle I did not anticipate… It was named 2020 Book of the Year by IAOTP.

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